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How the heck have you been?

It's been a week since I popped into your email and boy howdy - I HAVE MISSED YOU SO MUCH!!

NO! I don't have NO MORE DRAGON SASS done yet - BUT...

I JUST had to let you know about all the New Releases, Sales, Freebies from all my buddies!

OH! I almost forgot!

Check out this awesome review for DRAGON'S ASSASSIN!

(I literally got all giddy and had tears in my eyes! YEP! I'm a big, old marshmallow LMAO!!)

Have you read it yet?

Let me know what you think!


And this review for DRAGON HER HOME has me dancin' in my chair LMAO!!!

"Awesome storyline filled with action a mysterious plot and lurff. Lol

The heroine is caught between following the contract or her heart. She will have some splaining, to do because she is a killer.

Loved it wow what an adventure these Paladins are on!"


Sleeping Beauty has insomnia.

Snow White isn't so pure.

And Belle just may be the Beast.

These authors have joined together to bring you stories so good, you can’t help but tell them again…

Imagine all your favorite fairy tales retold by bestselling romance authors…oh yeah, you get the idea.

Escape into the fantasy of your favorite bedtime stories reimagined with fresh new twists and turns for you to immerse yourself in. This set features kickass heroines, swoon worthy heroes, and epic villains you won’t want to miss!

When it comes to urban fantasy paranormal romance, we’re bringing you all the magical feels in one beautifully packaged limited edition collection.


He’s my fated mate, and I’m destined to kill him.

When I was forced into the dark Fae world, I never expected to fall in love with my boss, Damien. With our relationship deepening, an Oracle has decreed I must murder my beloved to save our people. While I wrestle with having to murder him, the kidnappings are spiraling out of control but the culprits leave no trace of evidence. To crack the case, I’ll have to go undercover surrounded by hidden enemies.

To make matters worse, our kingdom has been plunged into darkness. We don’t know if our King is the enemy and war between our clans is hurtling toward us. And now the King has threatened to execute court members unless we turn ourselves in.

In a race against time, can we stop the destruction of Faery, or will I be forced to choose between my people and Damien?

This Spider Shifter is about to get caught in a web of love!

The owner of the Underworld’s premier boutique, Metamorphosis, is too busy to find a boyfriend. But when the Goddess of Love decides to fix her up, what choice does she have? It’s off to a round of speed dating for the sassy Spider Shifter. But Arachne has her misgivings. After all, who could love an eight-legged freak like her?

Everyone knows Griffin Jara is the most lethal legate in the Daemonium Guard. When his boss calls him in with a special request, Griff just can’t say no. But how can he attend the Underworld Cafe's Wednesday night speed dating event when he can’t get close enough to a female to touch her? It’s a problem. And one he can’t solve alone. Luckily, his boss knows just who to call.

Can the half-Demon and the spider queen work together in this steamy paranormal romance tale?

When she arrived at Obscure Academy, Krissi promised herself she'd focus on her studies and cheer practice. She wasn't going to worry about boys or the fact she's less than graceful in her leopard form.

Everything changes when she shares an accidental kiss with her flatmate, and despite every attempt to stay away from Jeremy, she keeps finding herself drawn back to the tiger shifter.

Can Jeremy convince her to give their relationship a chance?

She refuses to be mated without love. His Wolf wants no other.

Liam McAllister is on a mission of peace, representing the Macconwood Pack at a special gathering of the Shifter Council to appoint a High Alpha. He didn’t expect he’d meet his mate in a curvy little she-Wolf from the local pack.

Putting his foot in his mouth is a mistake he isn’t going to soon forget. But Liam is going to make it up to her, and fast, before mating fever kicks in.

Mabel Ann Williams can't help being picky. To her father's consternation, she refuses to consider any of the local males as possible mates. Everyone thinks she's frozen inside. Heck. She's starting to think so, too. Until he walks in. The strange Werewolf is positively gorgeous.

She can’t believe her luck, that is, until he opens his big mouth.

How can her mate have a problem with curvy girls? Disappointed, but determined to be accepted on her terms, she leaves the male stunned. Yes, her Wolf still wants him. And badly. But she is not ready to swallow her pride just yet.

Can the two young lovers compromise long enough to survive Werewolf fever?



Set the shifter romance free, the readers said... So they did.

Dragons, Bears, Wolves, Vampires, Witches, and more. Delve into the magical tales in this paranormal romance and urban fantasy collection for zero pennies.

What more could you ask for? Snag your happily ever after today!

All the best things in life are free...

Furever Free is one of those decadent little pleasures. Filled to the brim with sexy alpha shifters, broody vampires, and more, this collection will tempt your supernatural taste buds with its paranormal romance and urban fantasy short stories.

Come join us, take a walk on the wild side. You have nothing to lose and so much to gain as you delve into these fantastic freebie tales.



Even the hardest heart has its weakness.

Keeton Grey is an Eastern Mountain Lion Shifter with a serious people problem. As in, he hates all of them.

Betrayal is a bitter pill to swallow for most, but for Keeton, it’s damn near impossible. Choosing to live in seclusion, he finds his peace of mind disrupted when an injured hiker stumbles onto his property.

After she catches her fiancé cheating, Marilena Sorelli needs a break from life. Not much of an outdoor girl, hiking alone proves unwise after Lena takes a serious tumble. She meets her rescuer in a nearly seven-foot-tall giant with piercing green eyes and a beard that makes her fingers itch to run through it.

Will the beautiful interloper crack this rugged Shifter’s heart of stone, or will self-imposed isolation be his future?


Take one dragon racing around the North Pole…

Add a reindeer who refuses to be tamed…

Mix in the outrageous antics of an elf who hates the snow …

And you’ve got a holiday tale of thrills, chills and more than a little snow-melting fun.

Put on your feety pajamas, grab a cup of hot cocoa and gather around the fire while our dashing hero and trusty cohorts race to save the holidays and in the process, find the happily ever after they didn’t know they were looking for, all neatly wrapped in shiny paper with a bright red bow.

The holidays only come once a year, but this crazy couple plans to make it last forever.

After all, not even Fate stays home for the holidays.

And that's it for me for today!

I hope you have a FABULOUS WEEKEND!!

Until next week...

Take care!

Read lots!

And ALWAYS Dare to Dream!!

XOXO, Julia


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