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J.D. and Dax
On her ‘Eat, Pray, Love’ soul-searching journey across the country with nothing but her radio blastin', the top rolled down, and her trusty red Jeep named Daisy Mae, Dax may have bitten off more than she can chew this time.

Bright red hair and a smile that darn near knocks him on his butt, the woman stuck on the side of the road is a wild filly J.D. would love to tame, but then again, she’s absolutely perfect just the way she is.

The desert’s hot but this couple's hotter, not to mention the raised-from-the-dead Medicine Man who’s hell bent on bathing his special little precious in their blood. Talk about prickly as a cactus!

The Great Creator and the Universe don’t make mistakes and Fate Will Not Be Denied, but the flames of Destiny are hotter than ever before.

Grab your hat and boots and head for the desert, ‘cause this lady’s claiming her Dragon and nothin’ will ever be the same.


Gage & Elle

Sure, it was hotter than hell and drier than a popcorn fart, but it was home. Not just a place on the map, but in her heart where it really mattered.

Coming back to West Texas for Elle Burntwing was a mixed bag of tricks. Sure, it was where she’d grown up, where she’d had her first beer, her first kiss, ridden her first horse, and raised all kinds of hell…but it was also where her family had tragically and with no explanation been taken from her.
Stepping back on the sandy soil of home, the plan was simple (1) get her client outta hot water, (2) find the person responsible for her family’s murder, and keep herself from falling in love with a Dragon. No worries, right?

Family meant everything. It was all he'd ever known, and as the oldest son of an oldest son and a Guardsman, Gage took his job as Protector very seriously, even though his four younger brothers knew every one of his buttons to push and laughed as they did it.
Seeing her walking into the Courthouse changed everything. With her in his arms, he saw forever. All he had to do was slay a centuries old flying menace and convince the One the Universe made for him that he wasn’t an arrogant, know-it-all Dragon, but instead, her One and Only Mate. Piece of cake, right?
With more on the line than his love life and the scales covering his backside, Gage MacAllen is about to learn the true meaning of ‘Destiny will always find a way’.
Can he thaw out in time to join the battle?
Will she save the day without him?
Will the Fanatical Feathered Freak finally be brought to justice?
And…who in all that's holy is the Dragon trapped in the ice?
Only the Great Creator and the Universe know the answers, and as usual, neither one is talking. So, take a load off, grab a cold one, and get ready for one helluva story.
Fate Will Not be Denied, but if you happen to be a Gambler, the safe bets always on a Dragon and his Mate.

Part of the Kindle Unlimited Library

Rockin Around the Dragon Tree 4 copy.jpg

Tree & Jodie
The holidays are long gone, but Dragons Love Forever!
Something is always roasting on an open fire, bells damn sure still jingling somewhere if momma has anything to say about it, and snow falling in the desert…
Yep! That’s right. Snow is falling in the desert. The cacti have icicles, the bobcats are frostbitten, and the coyotes have started a bonfire. If the temperatures don’t start rising soon, the deer are threatening to get more than a little horny.
One kiss, that was all it took. Now, a whole year later plus three months into a new year and this poor Guardsman’s sportin’ a broken nose, a missing Mate, and snowdrifts instead of tumbleweeds blowing in the breeze.
Ho! Ho! Ho! What's a Dragon to do?
Time to cozy up in your favorite readin’ spot and get ready for a romance for all seasons. The holidays are long gone, but Dragons Love Forever! After all, Fate Won’t Be Denied, and neither should you.

Part of the Kindle Unlimited Library


Ranger & Ellie
Family is everything to Ellie MacLeish…everything. Every day for three years, she’s mourned the loss of her parents, tried to find the people responsible for their murders. Holding tight to her only living family – her sister and her aunt - this brave young Witch searches for answers in the most unlikely of places.

When assigned the murder case of two powerful Witches very close to his hometown, Agent Ranger Evans never expected to find his Mate in the process. Unfortunately, three years have passed, he’s recovering from a life-threatening fight with the people responsible, and he’s no closer to claiming the sweet Ellie MacLeish as his own.

Why is it danger is always lurking in the most unlikely places? Who could be orchestrating the murder of innocent Witches? Why leave their bodies out in the open to be found so easily? Can the answers truly lie at the exclusive Crimson Moon Resort?

Only Destiny knows the answers and She’s not talking. But, one thing’s for sure Fate Will Not Be Denied, and neither will the sexy Agent Evans.

Part of the Kindle Unlimited Library

Dragon Take the Wheel to LOAD.jpg

Zach & Brynn
Waiting eighteen months to Mate the Witch of his dreams was unheard of…

Finding out her mother might be behind the whole debacle was maddening…

Getting sucked into a portal to an underground lair of some whacked-out psycho two days before the blessed event was… well, ummm… it just plain pissed him off…

Some days you’re the windshield, some days you’re the bug…
But when you’re a Dragon – all bets are off!

Love, Magic, Thrills, Chills, and the Universe’s Very Own Chosen Warriors – Dragon, Take the Wheel and drive that baby like you stole it. Fate Will Not Be Denied, and She waits for no man – not even one with a sexy behind and bronze scales.

Part of the Kindle Unlimited Library


dragon dreaming.png

Donovan & Lottie

Meeting your Mate after waiting two hundred years – Amazing!
Finding out she’s one of the legendary Dalgaard Sleipnir Shifters – Awesome!
Discovering that a crazy Sorceress has just murdered her mother, is hellbent on relieving your Mate of all her blood, and is wielding the power of the Goddess Rhiannon – One helluva bad day.

But Special Agent Donovan Cross refuses to be defeated. It’s gonna take a lot of groveling, a lot of begging, and the help of the Dragon King with whom he shares his soul, but this Guardsman will catch the killer, save his Mate, and make sure that gorgeous little filly lives happily ever after if it’s the last thing he does.

Marked by Her Dragon TO LOAD.jpg

Jack & Macy

She wears his mark but hasn’t laid eyes on him for more than a decade.

Back where he belongs, this Dragon’s finally ready to claim his Mate, but can she ever forgive him for staying away so long or for bringing death to her doorstep.

Fate Will Not Be Denied, but all bets are off when an enemy hellbent on revenge has these Fated Mates in his sights.
Will the mark she wears and the love she feels convince this strong-willed Veterinarian to forgive the only man she’s ever loved or will her fear cause the death of all she holds dear?


Marked by her Dragon and loaded for bear, Macy Lindon’s about to get the surprise of her life and Dragonkin will never be the same.

Heath & Maggie


All the planning in the world can't beat dumb luck.
Or a missing Mate….
Or an ancient curse….

Being the youngest of the MacAllen Clan, Heath thought he had everything figured out. After all, wasn't he the one who had the Gift of Sight and could read everybody's mind without even thinking about it?

Then Fate and the Universe kicked him right in the butt, and everything changed. He walked into Sam's Diner, looked into the eyes of a woman he'd known his whole life – and bam! He knew she was his One True Fated Mate, the one the Universe made for him.

Never one to jump into anything, Heath did what he always did – he dragged his heels and waited for the perfect time to get down on one knee…

But as his momma always says, 'A Dragon often meets his destiny on the road he took to avoid it.'

Now, Maggie's gone. A Curse he didn't even know existed was activated when Arawn, the Celtic god of Death, and none other than the Omnipotent Being known as Fate – that god's Mate, stepped onto the steaming sands of the Chihuahuan Desert. And now, well, Heath is up Shi*t Creek without a paddle.

Can he send a foe darn near as old as the Dragon King with whom he shares his soul back to Helheim? Can he save Maggie before she's driven mad? Can he kick Dumb Luck's a$$ and make the idiot pay for ruining his plans for an unforgettable proposal to his Mate?

s got the answers, not even the Guardsman with the Gift of Sight. But two things are true:
Fate will not be Denied, and Heath plans to show the forces of evil who's her Dragon and would give up his own life to save hers.

Part of the KindleUnlimited Library
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