Where the Dragon Guard is concerned, three things are always a given:
1. The Universe Does Not Make Mistakes.
2. There are no coincidences.
And, the big one...
3. Fate Will Not Be Denied.

Meet the Dragons of Fate.
An elite Force of Guardsmen led by the one and only omnipotent Being known as Fate - 
The Stone Brothers are tasked with keeping humanity safe, the Supernatural community from unraveling, and the bad guys in their place all while being reunited with their One True Fated Mates.

Join these special couples as they maneuver love, life, and survival from the worst the Darkness has to offer.


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All Laurel wanted was some time alone ~ a few days in the mountains to calm the Ghosts of Christmases Past and prepare for a new year with more than a few new challenges. How could she have known a blizzard was lurking just over the horizon? Or that a sexy Dragon with smoldering eyes would come crashing back into her life?

Fate is stoking the sparks between these star-crossed lovers, unfortunately, the Big Bad Wolf is huffing and puffing and threatening to blow it all away. Can Laurel forgive the past and trust the future? Can love heal a broken heart and turn a long, lonely Christmas into the first of many happy holidays? Can she trust a Ghost, a stranger in red, and a four-legged friend with a twinkle in his eye?

Only one thing’s for sure, Laurel’s life is about to change and only Destiny knows if it’s for the better. Hold on tight and believe with all your heart. After all, 'tis the season for hope, love, and miracles.

May the joy and love of the holidays follow you all the year through. Take care of you! XOXO, Julia
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Living without him for sixteen years sucked, but Everleigh survived. Now that blasted sexy Dragon is back with a tall tale and a basket load of apologies, but she can’t forget how bad it hurt to lose him the first time.

Can she leave the past behind and trust Deacon to stand by her side for all eternity, or will she give up on the holidays forever?

Only time will tell, but if Fate has anything to say about it that sweet Baker Bear will be unwrapping her Dragon sooner rather than later.
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Sixteen years ago, Bette was planning her very own, very special Mating ceremony - but some things just aren’t meant to be.

One thing’s for sure, Fate really has no clue what She’s doing. And as for the Universe, well, if She truly does only make one perfect Mate for each woman - then Bette needs a redo on the whole darned thing - and that seems as likely as her runaway Mate showing up on the doorstep with a dozen roses, a box of chocolates, and a time machine. 


Bette. might as well wish for a million dollars while she’s at it.

All those years ago, Dillion made peace with his lot in life. It wasn’t a lot, but it was his life.

As one of the Dragons of Fate, he helped keep others safe and the world spinning, as he served a purpose greater than himself. But, things have changed. He needs to reconnect with the only woman in the world he’s ever loved and try to explain why he disappeared and where he’s been for the last five-thousand-eight-hundred-and-forty days. Unfortunately, his Mate happens to be a highly strung White Panther Shifter with sharp claws, a quick wit, and two overprotective sisters.


Talk about scary – and that’s not the only thing…

The Golden Scissors and the Thread of Life have been stolen and Fate’s Archenemy is threatening to shorten not only their lives but also every living creature’s. Not only does Dillion need Bette’s forgiveness, but he needs her love to save her life.
Oh! And everyone else’s, too.

Can one feisty White Panther forgive the only Dragon she’s ever loved for leaving her at the alter? Will she believe his story? Can Dillion convince the lovely Bette Whittaker that she’s the only woman for him in time to save her life?


Only time will tell, but one thing’s for sure. She Needs a Little Dragon and she needs him right now. 

An ALL NEW Dragon story from the Dragon of Fate! I just can't wait to hear what you think of this story! XOXO, Julia

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