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These kooky, crazy, and fearless shifters may be Up Shift Creek without a paddle, but never fear! They have badges, magic, and each other!
Beware bad guys! They're comin' for ya'!
Join the Up Shift Creek gang!
You'll laugh all the way to falling in love and locking away the villains! 

Save the day with the Up Shift Creek Gang! It's a guaranteed good time! 

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A Tree Frog and Her Honey Badger Ebook Cover Web Size.jpg

Life without caffeine is a no-go for this FUC superhero – a world without her favorite drink is not a world Dr. Freddie Lightfoot wants to live in. Time to throw on her rainbow wings and kick tail, even if it means putting off meeting a certain sexy-as-the-day-is-long Honey Badger.


One unanswered phone call, a supersonic trip south, and jumping from a perfectly good plane was all in a day's work for this Honey Badger hero. There wasn't a jungle that could stop Buck Blackthorne, but Prehistoric Shifters? Well, that was a new one.


Time to save his Mate, save the day, and Heaven help him save the coffee! Oh, baby, put your head between your legs and kiss your booty goodbye. Time to get FUC'd in the best possible way.


I am so excited to be writing in the AMAZING EveL Worlds! I just cannot wait to hear what you think of this story. Take Care. Be Safe. And ALWAYS Dare to Dream! XOXO, Julia

Doc and Her Dragon TO LOAD.jpeg

Take one doctor with a glittering green body, sparkly wings, and a sassy alter-ego who refuses to take no for an answer.

Add an explosives professor with red scales and a heart of gold who shares his soul with an ancient Dragon King.

Mix in the most FUCN'A band of amazing friends a couple could ask for, and you've got a story like no other that will have you laughing, cheering, and falling in love till the very end.

Doc and Her Dragon are out to solve the conundrum of a seriously deranged and absolutely deceased megalomaniac and psychopath who is posthumously trying to turn the shifters of the world into super dino soldiers. Stop right there. You're about to be FUC'd – in the best possible way, and that's just the beginning.

Dusty and Her Dino Ebook Cover Full Size.jpg

She's been fixin' everything from Burping Barbie to the engine of a 747 since before she could walk. So, why can't she repair her love life?


He's got the highest IQ MENSA's ever seen, and he's unraveled the mysteries of ancient pharaohs. So, why can't he figure out which end is up when it comes to his mate?


When a nasty enemy returns from the dead, will she force these two lovesick shifters to face what's been right in front of them the whole time? Or will the eggs of amore get scrambled before their first kiss?


Everything seems FUC'd in feathers and scales, but then again, this is the Up Shift Creek gang and nothing's as it seems.

Time to buckle up, Buttercup, and have a FUCN'A good time! Dusty and her Dino are lookin' for love and prayin' things turn out sunny side up!

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