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There are no accidents.

The Powers That Be do not make mistakes.

Destiny will not be denied.

Max The King NEW 5.16.24.jpg

Does pride come before the fall? Can two of the most formidable beings in the universe put theirs aside to save themselves?

He is proud. He is powerful. He is unstoppable.
His is The King.
There is nothing he can’t do…
Except convince his Mate they were made for each other.

She is a force of nature. She is the daughter of a god. She is an Empress Eagle Shifter unlike any other.
She is his Queen.
There is nothing she can’t do…
Except ask her Mate for help.

If pride does come before the fall, can Max and Ettie suck it up before it’s too late?


Do opposites really attract? Can love conquer all? Will she find the cure before the Dragon made for her by the Universe is lost forever? Only one thing is for sure: Destiny will not be denied!

She is proud. She is intelligent. She is sassy and unwilling to accept defeat.
She is The Princess.
There is nothing and no one that can stop her…
Except the sound of her Mate’s stuttering heart.

He is unstoppable. He is loyal. He is Dragon.
He is hers, and she is his.
There is nothing and no one that can stop him for being with the one the Universe made for him.
Except an ancient virus awakened by a megalomaniac.

If opposites do attract and love conquers all, can Sophia find the cure and save Declan before it’s too late?


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