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Believe me when I tell you...

Life is not a Fairy Tale. If you lose your shoe at midnight–

You’re Drunk.

Welcome to 'Not-Quite' Holiday Love Stories!

Things aren't always as they seem...

Sometimes they're better.

Join the "Not-Quite' gang for unbelievable, hilarious stories of love, thrills, and a whole lotta laughs when things don't go exactly the way they were planned but end up just like they were supposed to!

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Arrows flying, love’s in the air, Valentine's Day should come with hazard pay.

Leave it to Krissy Kissinger to pick the worst time ever to declare her undying devotion to the God of Love…in a text message…after her sister, Chloe's, bachelorette party.

As if things weren’t already in the crapper, Krissy just woke with a hangover the size of Zeus’ ego only to find out that Cupid’s missing, the Cherubs contracted mono from a gaggle of strippers, and Ares used all the golden arrows for target practice. As the Fairy Extraordinaire in charge of all things Valentine's Day, our little Fae has precisely seventy-two hours to shake off her pink-champagne-induced brain fog, rescue her lost love from a horrendous horde of two-and-half-foot men, and save V-day before there’s more broken hearts than petals on a rose.

With no time to spare, this lovelorn lovely must pull out all the stops to make sure the chocolate doesn't melt, and the bubbly is at its bubbliest if she's to save the Love of the World and, more importantly, the love of her life.

Holy Fairy farts, this shit could only happen on a Leap Year.
Kissing CLAWS THEE FINAL 8.4.20.jpg
Party like it's 1999. Wake up like a rock star. Save the day and still fresh as a daisy. As if! Not this Fairy. Not this lifetime. Not any given Sunday. Life is not a Fairy Tale. If you lose your shoe at midnight, you're drunk.

Blurry-eyed, no coffee in sight, and tryin' with all my might not to beat the scales off my sweet Dragon's twin. That's a day in the life of Frangelica Francesca Fairymayweather - aka Me - aka Frannie the Fae.

Time to buckle up my sweet little buttercups, Fate is gunnin' for my happily ever after, and that just won't do. With a mighty swish of my wings and a twinkle in my eye, I'm gonna lay the Fairy Dust on as thick as I can and kick a certain Omnipotent Being’s bootay like I'm gettin' paid.

Over the sand dunes and through the waves, to free my true love we go! My name's Frannie the Fae and I'm gonna save the day!
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