Things aren't always as they seem...sometimes they're better.

Join the "Not-Quite' gang for unbelievable and hilarious stories of love, thrills and a whole lotta laughs when things don't go exactly the way they were planned.

Vidalia: A 'Not Quite' Vampire Love Story

Great job...Sexy boyfriend...Heiress to the Georgia Onion Empire...Vidalia Fitzsimmons had it all until the day bodies started dropping from the sky...literally. Time is running out. The body count is multiplying. It's all up to a cop, a vampire and a self-proclaimed nerd to save the day. Hold onto your hats folks, you’re never gonna believe what happens next! 

Phoebe: A 'Not-Quite' Phoenix Love Story

From pauper to princess to prisoner in forty-eight hours is a lot for anyone to handle, but she’s Phoebe O’Byrne, dammit!


Phoebe thought her life had finally gotten easier, that she’d found her purpose. All she wanted to do was celebrate passing the BAR…then Grant Hollingsworth strolled into her life.


Now, up is down, in is out, and people think they can turn into birds! Stop the world, this princess wants off!

Jax: A 'Not-Quite' Puma Love Story


Being related to royalty has presented its problems but everything was manageable, at least that was before retired Marine Jax Montgomery found himself at the bottom of a ravine with a broken leg and a bruised ego. 

After two tours in Afghanistan and learning that people grow feathers, wings and fur, Jax was sure nothing could surprise him, but things are about to get a whole lot 'hairier'. He was sure he had the tiger by the tail but it seems pumas are a whole lot harder to catch. 

Zoey: A 'Not-Quite' Zombie Love Story


Fluorescent orange goo, one deranged raccoon and a road trip to the bottom of the lake can be life-changing.


Goodness knows Zoey’s life was never the same but like everything else in her twenty plus years even returning from the dead didn’t go as planned.


Can she save her town, have the love she deserves and NOT lose what’s left of her ‘almost-undead’ sanity? Only time will tell…

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