DRAGON GUARD BERSERKERS - Dragon Guard Crossover Series

Ancient, Angry, and Looking for Vengeance.
These aren’t your momma’s dragons.
Unbeatable, Unstoppable and damned near Indestructible.
They are the Dragon Guard Berserkers.
Move over Fate. Take a holiday Death. 
The Boys are Back and There’s Hell to pay.


One simple coin, thrown into a fountain.

A wish made from the heart.


Tides will turn.

Futures will change.


 He wishes to escape a prison of his own making…

She wishes to save her mother…


Destiny intervenes.

Two worlds collide.


He must save her to save himself.

Fate Will Not Be Denied.


 If you only had one wish… would you use it to save the one you love?


Demented, deranged and damaged beyond repair...

Asher’s mind may be broken, his Dragon lost to the Madness but his soul has found its mate and nothing or no one will keep him from her.


Feisty, ferocious, and a force to be reckoned with...

Willa’s had enough of being discounted and pushed aside just because she's a woman. With the power of her ancestors and the rage of a century of disrespect, she's stepping out of the shadows and Heaven help anyone who gets in her way.


Destiny has spoken.

Fate will not be denied.

Watch out World, the King & Queen are coming and there will Hell to pay.

Coming MAY 22nd as part of the STOKING THE FLAMES II Box Set
An Artist finds beauty in the heart of her nightmares.
Isolated from the world, Lizzie has always found respite in her art. With her special gift, the slightest touch fills her mind with memories and emotions but they’re not her own. Living vicariously through her muse, she begins to create the most important work of her life. If only the Beast were real.

Unbeatable, Unstoppable and damned near Indestructible.
Emerging into a world he no longer knows, Raynor’s past has been obliterated until a hauntingly familiar woman awakens his true destiny. He’s driven to calm the war within her, it’s his only reason to stay alive. Can he stop the evil forces and find sanctuary in a world that forgot him? Raynor is back and there’s Hell to pay. 

Thrust together by Destiny.
Can these Fated Mates trust what they feel, heal one another’s souls, and stop the evil hiding behind an expensive suit and a sly smile?
Coming 7/3/18 - BURN DRAGON BURN Dragon Guard and Berserker Crossover Story
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