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Guardsman with a Destiny they cannot deny and the extraordinary Mates who complete them as no other - These are the Love Stories of the Dragons of Destiny. 
Only Available from MT Worlds Publishing

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With her sister on her back and a Matchmaker in her kitchen – what’s a Lioness to do? Why does everyone think she needs a Mate? Can’t she just be wild and free?


Then she sees him.


Why hadn’t she noticed him before? Had he always had those hypnotic hazel eyes? Did just the sound of his voice always make her feel tingly?


Wait! Why is he walking the other way? Oh, hell no. That just won’t do.


Can’t he feel what she feels? Has he lost his mind?

Well, one thing’s for sure – this Lioness refuses to give up.


It’s a good thing she’s a Big Cat who loves water, ‘cause even if he tries to jump in and swim away, she’ll be right on his tail.


Fate may be messing with her big time, but one’s thing’s for sure – she’ll be Dragon Him Out to Sea even if it’s the last thing she does.

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