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Meet the Dragon Guard Paladins

Paladin is not a race, nor a sect, not even a species. It is a creed, a belief, a religion that can only be defined by three words…

“Strength, Honor, and Loyalty.”

Join these Winged Warriors in their quest to save the world from evil and find the One woman made for them by the Universe.

They are the Dragon Guard Paladin



Dragon Her Home Kindle Front.png
Draggin’ her home may not be the answer but standin’ by her side is what he was born to do.

Waiting for the Executioner to claim his life, this Paladin stood at the ready. Refusing to waver under the weight of his chains, time ceased to matter.

A flash of scales, burning emerald in the darkness, a memory of pain and loss - then nothing. Freed from his bonds, the cage door open, Stone found himself completely and totally alone. No captors. No Executioner. No liberator. Absolutely no one.

Who released him? Could it honestly have been…? No, it just wasn’t possible. The dead don’t come back just to unlock the door… do they?

If not him, then who? And where did they go? OH! And where are the Overlords? Where is the other Dragon he knew was being tortured? What the hell was going on?

The hunt is on. There’s no time to waste. Stone will move Heaven and Earth and more than a ton of snow to find the answers and save the only person who matters - his Arctisune.
Dragon's Lore Kindle Front.png
Cold as the tomb…
Back from the dead, the Secret is safe, but the Dragon is lost and broken.

Hot as the flame… 
Driven to preserve life, it's not only her future but theirs that hangs in the balance.

Legend as old as time... 
One woman created for one man. His perfect complement. Can they defeat his demons of the past, or will all be lost? Their Destiny lies within the Dragon’s Lore.
Assassin Kindle Front.png

When the family business is Justice and your Mate’s in the crosshairs, it’s time for a new line of work.

Destiny demands she finish what she started.

Fate refuses to be denied.

Caught between losing her head or being with the one the Universe made for her, Alex has seven seconds to make the ultimate decision – defy all she’s ever known or save her Mate’s life.

Karma's demanding her pound of flesh. The Reaper's knocking at the door. But this Black Fairy’s got one last trick up her sleeve. Can she pull off a miracle before it’s too late? Or will all be lost to The Crow's blade?

Dragon's Queen Kindle Front.png


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