I am scurrying around trying to get the rest of the decorations up! The girls do a lot of the decorating, but they leave what they call - 'the placing of the antiques' to me LOLOL I guess, everything is an antique. They are from my parent and my grandparents. My oldest, Liz, always says, "We let mom do it because if it gets broken, she can't yell at us." LOLOL Ya' gotta love kids. No matter how old they are, they still fear the 'wrath of momma' LMAO!!!

What holiday traditions do you have that were passed down from your parents, friends, or other family members? For me, family is everything and having just a little piece of those who've gone on to Heaven means so much to me!

At first, I thought, maybe I wouldn't write a Dragon Christmas story. I kept thinking - maybe, after all that's happened this year, it's not the right time. BUT, then I realized - DUH! WAKE UP, JULIA! This is exactly the year to do it. And I wrote 3 LMAO!!!

So, here they are in backward order of publication!

All Laurel wanted was some time alone ~ a few days in the mountains to calm the Ghosts of Christmases Past and prepare for a new year with more than a few new challenges. How could she have known a blizzard was lurking just over the horizon? Or that a sexy Dragon with smoldering eyes would come crashing back into her life?

Fate is stoking the sparks between these star-crossed lovers, unfortunately, the Big Bad Wolf is huffing and puffing and threatening to blow it all away. Can Laurel forgive the past and trust the future? Can love heal a broken heart and turn a long, lonely Christmas into the first of many happy holidays? Can she trust a Ghost, a stranger in red, and a four-legged friend with a twinkle in his eye?

Only one thing’s for sure, Laurel’s life is about to change and only Destiny knows if it’s for the better. Hold on tight and believe with all your heart.

After all, tis the season for hope, love, and miracles.

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