Get that finger one-clickin'!

Okay, so, I was MIA...AGAIN! Sorry about that! Liz, daughter #1 of 2 LOL) Had an allergic reaction to something, we still don't know what. Anyhoo, she was covered in hives and having a hard time breathing. OFf to the emergency room we go...BAM! 5 days in the hospital! Can you say HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY? LMAO!!

But, everything turned out okay and...


Drum Roll Please 🥁🥁🥁🥁


(be sure to read all the way to the bottom, this email is chock full of awesome!)


Tropical vacation, his fire-breathin’ ass. The Isle of Dagda is not for the feign of heart. Weather patterns changed at the whim of the gods. One minute, his scales could be boiling off his backside, the next, he could be soaked to the bone. It’s nowhere Ven ever wanted to go, but when duty calls, what’s a Dragon to do? Through the power of the gods and the good deeds of her Ancestors, Izett is none other than the legendary White Winged Wolf. Created by Dagda's Lightning, it’s foretold that she will restore the balance of time, open the hidden portals, and guide the Magical world to their Eden. No pressure, right? Finding one another was the easy part. Staying alive to complete their destiny, well, that's where things just might go to hell in a handcart. With little time to waste and the Fate of the Past, Present, and Future resting squarely on their shoulders, can Izett accept that Fate has thrown her yet another curveball? Can Ven persuade his lovely Lupine Queen that scales are better than fur any day of the week? Will this couple defeat the Demon god of Time and Space before everything they know is blown to kingdom come? Fate will not be denied, but She’s put in a tall order this time. Hanging on to true love with both hands, Ven and Izett will move heaven and earth to save the day. But will it be enough? “Forever thine. Forever mine. For all time. Dragon, Be Mine”



Arrows flying, love’s in the air, Valentine's Day should come with hazard pay. Leave it to Krissy Kissinger to pick the worst time ever to declare her undying devotion to the God of Love…in a text message…after her sister, Chloe's, bachelorette party. As if things weren’t already in the crapper, Krissy just woke with a hangover the size of Zeus’ ego only to find out that Cupid’s missing, the Cherubs contracted mono from a gaggle of strippers, and Ares used all the golden arrows for target practice. As the Fairy Extraordinaire in charge of all things Valentine's Day, our little Fae has precisely seventy-two hours to shake off her pink-champagne-induced brain fog, rescue her lost love from a horrendous horde of two-and-half-foot men, and save V-day before there’s more broken hearts than petals on a rose. With no time to spare, this lovelorn lovely must pull out all the stops to make sure the chocolate doesn't melt, and the bubbly is at its bubbliest if she's to save the Love of the World and, more importantly, the love of her life. Holy Fairy farts, this shit could only happen on a Leap Year.