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Okay, so, I was MIA...AGAIN! Sorry about that! Liz, daughter #1 of 2 LOL) Had an allergic reaction to something, we still don't know what. Anyhoo, she was covered in hives and having a hard time breathing. OFf to the emergency room we go...BAM! 5 days in the hospital! Can you say HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY? LMAO!!

But, everything turned out okay and...


Drum Roll Please 🥁🥁🥁🥁


(be sure to read all the way to the bottom, this email is chock full of awesome!)


Tropical vacation, his fire-breathin’ ass. The Isle of Dagda is not for the feign of heart. Weather patterns changed at the whim of the gods. One minute, his scales could be boiling off his backside, the next, he could be soaked to the bone. It’s nowhere Ven ever wanted to go, but when duty calls, what’s a Dragon to do? Through the power of the gods and the good deeds of her Ancestors, Izett is none other than the legendary White Winged Wolf. Created by Dagda's Lightning, it’s foretold that she will restore the balance of time, open the hidden portals, and guide the Magical world to their Eden. No pressure, right? Finding one another was the easy part. Staying alive to complete their destiny, well, that's where things just might go to hell in a handcart. With little time to waste and the Fate of the Past, Present, and Future resting squarely on their shoulders, can Izett accept that Fate has thrown her yet another curveball? Can Ven persuade his lovely Lupine Queen that scales are better than fur any day of the week? Will this couple defeat the Demon god of Time and Space before everything they know is blown to kingdom come? Fate will not be denied, but She’s put in a tall order this time. Hanging on to true love with both hands, Ven and Izett will move heaven and earth to save the day. But will it be enough? “Forever thine. Forever mine. For all time. Dragon, Be Mine”


Arrows flying, love’s in the air, Valentine's Day should come with hazard pay. Leave it to Krissy Kissinger to pick the worst time ever to declare her undying devotion to the God of Love…in a text message…after her sister, Chloe's, bachelorette party. As if things weren’t already in the crapper, Krissy just woke with a hangover the size of Zeus’ ego only to find out that Cupid’s missing, the Cherubs contracted mono from a gaggle of strippers, and Ares used all the golden arrows for target practice. As the Fairy Extraordinaire in charge of all things Valentine's Day, our little Fae has precisely seventy-two hours to shake off her pink-champagne-induced brain fog, rescue her lost love from a horrendous horde of two-and-half-foot men, and save V-day before there’s more broken hearts than petals on a rose. With no time to spare, this lovelorn lovely must pull out all the stops to make sure the chocolate doesn't melt, and the bubbly is at its bubbliest if she's to save the Love of the World and, more importantly, the love of her life. Holy Fairy farts, this shit could only happen on a Leap Year.


Includes stories from:

C.D. Gorri T.M. Payne Amanda Kimberley P. Mattern & L. Gauthier

and me!


Okay, so, I KNOW y'all are saying to yourselves WHERE THE HELL IS Rockin' Around the Dragon, Tree? Dammit, Julia! When are you gonna get off your ass and get Droppin' the Ball released?

To that I say - I'm working on them both! I PROMISE!!!! AND please keep yellin' at me! Post-stroke brain is a scary place and my mind was already NUCKIN' FUTS LMAO!!!!

Here's the plan - write what I've committed to have done going forward while getting past releases that I missed done inbetween.

Having said that...


Deep in the darkest reaches of the Bermuda Triangle, off the coast of the Bahamas, lies a mystical island where only few dare to tread. Cloaked from prying eyes by the most ancient of magic, this tropical paradise inhabited only by female dragons, is not for the feign of heart.

Ruled by a Queen so fierce even her own daughters fear her wrath, the once powerful Isle of Draconia sits on the brink of destruction.

Regina's power is waning. Her supreme authority is unraveling. Opposed by her daughters, her archaic rule is crumbling.

They see the deception. Refuse to stand aside. Will fight family, friend or foe to save their homeland from tyranny.

Take the journey. Spread your wings and take flight!

Join this Clan of Kick-Ass Female Dragons. They know what they want and how to get it. Do you?

Until then...


You do NOT want to miss a second of the action, adventure, and smokin' hot Dragon Love!

Coming September 15th!

You'll stay up all night getting seduced by possessive alphas who will leave you begging for more sassy heroines willing to make them work for it and have you grinning from ear to ear.

And the stories still to come!

Chapter Three

“What the hell did you do?” Zach, MacAllen brother number four, snarled while staring out one of the front windows with his mother’s curtain gnarled in his clenched fist. “It hasn’t even been an hour and there’s a freakin’ foot of snow on the front yard. It’s a dadgum blizzard out there. I can barely see the edge of the porch.” Knocking his knuckle against the underside of the bill of the ratty, old John Deer hat he was never without, he ran his fingers through the dark curls that snuck out while continuing to rant and rave. “You broke the sky. Ran a hole right through it and caused all this… this…” Flipping his fingers towards the window, he spat, “…white crap! You never could fly in a straight line. It’s like you’re always half drunk. Bobbin’ and weavin’, runnin’ into shit.”

“I’m not drunk. I don’t even drink, Asshole. You know that.” Rolling his eyes, working to sound more confident than he felt, he growled, “I did not run into anything. I just taking a flight to blow off some steam.”

“You mean, you were trying to think about something other than your runaway Mate,” Colton, the youngest of the MacAllen twins snickered.

“Didn’t even get a kiss,” Heath, the other of the matching set, added with a way-too-cocky chuckle. “Scared her so bad she took off in the middle of the night.”

“Running like the Devil himself was after her,” J.D., third in the MacAllen line, winked, wrapping his arm around his own Mate, Dax.

Immediately swatting him in the chest, the Fire Horse scolded, “Leave the poor guy alone. Jodie’ll be back.” Winking at Tree before she looked up at her Mate, Tree couldn’t help but laugh as his feisty sister-in-law batted her eyes and added, “Goddess knows, I couldn’t resist you.”

“Hey, I resent that stated,” J.D. playfully huffed. “You loved me from the moment you laid eyes on me. What’s not to love? I was a perfect gentleman.”

“Yeah, okay.” Looking up, Dax pretended to shutter and shake. “You keep tellin’ those tall tales and we’re both gonna get struck by lightning.”

“That’s just wrong, Baby Girl, so wrong.”

“But, oh so right, Bro,” Gage’s bellowing guffaw entered the huge living room of the main house a half-a-second before he and his Mate came into view. “It takes a special woman to put up with…”

“Every single one of you,” Barbara, Matriarch of the MacAllen Clan, She-Wolf, and a force to be reckoned with in her own right, affirmed with a straight face and a twinkle in her eye. Setting the tray of steaming mugs filled with her famous peppermint schnapps hot chocolate – one with only peppermint flavoring for Tree - on the large, round coffee table, she waggled her eyebrows and smiled, “I love y’all more than life itself, but every damn one of ya’ is a serious pain in the ass ninety-nine-point-nine percent of the time. You get that from your daddy’s side.”

“Amen!” Dax and Elle agreed in unison, each with huge smiles and stars in their eyes.

“Hey,” Owen, Big Daddy of the MacAllen Clan, teasingly objected as he walked up behind his wife. Wrapping his arms around her waist and planting a loud, growly smooch on the side of her neck, he added with a chuckle, “I resemble that statement.”

Love shining bright in her bright blue eyes, Tree’s mom patted his dad’s hands where they rested on her tummy. “Yes, you do, my love. Yes, you most definitely do, and I wouldn’t have ya’ any other way.”

Fighting tumultuous, overwhelming waves of jealousy, images of Jodie’s beautiful blue eyes, the cute way her nose crinkled when she laughed, and most of all, how just being in her presence made him feel like he could fly without wings, Tree took several deep, calming breaths. Crossing the room to take Zach’s place at the window, needing to keep track of the first blizzard in history to hit the Chihuahuan desert, the sight of his grandfather trudging through the quickly forming snowdrifts blessedly cleared his muddled mind.

Dashing to the front door and throwing it open, he rushed out to help the Elder Chief of the Wolf Clan of the Cherokee Nation up the icy steps. Following his mother’s father into the house, he teased, “Why the hell were you walking through this shit? If you didn’t wanna drive, you should’ve put on that fur coat of yours and sped on over on four paws.”

“I needed to see what was happening with my own eyes,” Cheveyo Thorntree nodded, snowflakes fluttering onto the hardwood floor from the brim of his brown leather Stetson. “My Wolf might be old, but he’s playful when the weather’s cool. Narrowing his eyes, he leaned in. “Tell me, Tree. Have you talked to your Mate yet?”

“No,” the Dragon sighed, shoving his hand through his hair. “No, I haven’t, she…”

“…she changed her number. Was so tired of him calling, she literally changed her damned cell phone number. He’s lucky she didn’t put out a restraining order.”

“Or call the police and have him thrown in jail for stalking.”

It was irritating enough that the twins had been finishing one another’s sentences since they popped into the world three minutes apart, but when they laughed in unison at Tree’s expense, it made him see red and dream about setting them both on fire. “Shut the fu…”

… “Demetrius Xaviar MacAllen!”

Holding up his hands in surrender, he quickly apologized, “Sorry, Mom.” Then with a grin he knew would wipe the frown off her face added, “Lost my cool. Have I told you lately how amazing you are?”

“Why, thank you, Son. Nice recovery.” Sweetly smiling a split-second before narrowing her eyes, Barbara tilted her head to the side. “Wait, that was way too easy.” Tapping the tip of her index finger on the back of his dad’s hand, suspiciously asked, “What are you up to?”

“Just wondering how it is that you can turn any one of our names into a slap up side the head.”

Laying her head back against Owen’s chest as she laughed out loud, Barbara beamed, “It’s a skill, my son. A God-given skill.”

“One my daughter has had since she was a little girl,” Cheveyo chuckled, his rough, wizened voice forcing Tree’s smile to widen. Taking off his jacket and hanging it on the antique coat rack, the old Chief gave a nod to his daughter. “I always knew when one of the other children had done something naughty by the tone of Barbara’s voice when she said their name.”

“Some things never change…oomph, ow. Damn, Dax, that hurt.” Rubbing his stomach as his Mate grinned from ear-to-ear, J.D. acquiesced, “Sorry, Mom. Ya’ know I love ya’.”

“Love you, too,” Barbara smiled sweetly then to Dax she winked, “And you too, Dear Daughter. Love ya’ both bunches.”

“Sure you want to find your Mate?” Heath whispered, eyes wide as he looked from Tree to J.D. to Gage and back to Tree. “Looks like a serious pain in the ass, if you ask me.”

No sooner had he uttered the words than Dax and Elle appeared on either side of the oldest twin. Laughing maniacally as they tickled him mercilessly, he begged, “Col! Help me, Colton.”

Throwing his hands in the air, the youngest MacAllen scooched as far back into the overstuffed cushions of their parents’ massive black leather sectional. “Oh, hell no, Bro. You done fu…ahem…” Eyes flashing to his mother’s before popping them right back to his twin’s, he finished, “…messed up. Leave me out of it.”

Letting the close-knit love and affection of his family fill him to the brim, willing it to wash away the mounting tension he’d been fighting since laying eyes on that very first snowflake, Tree almost jumped out of his boots when Cheveyo’s hand landed on his arm. Caught in the old Chief’s watery cerulean gaze, the tiny little hairs on the back of Tree’s neck stood on end when the old man motioned with a nod towards the kitchen, conspiratorially whispering, “We need to talk.”

Shaking his head as he fell in step behind his granddad, the Dragon sighed, “Well, hell, nothing good ever started with those four words.”


That's all from me for today!

I will be back with LOADS MORE GOODIES later this week!


Thank you for hangin' out with me!

Be Safe! Take Care of YOU!

and, Always Dare to Dream!

XOXO Julia

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