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HEY! HEY! HEY! Happy Tuesday!

How the heck have you been? I'm over here writing away and baking and drinking coffee. YEP! Pretty much business as usual at the old Mills hacienda LOLOLOL

OH! I can't remember if I told you or not, but the girls and I adopted 6 deer! Well, I say adopted, because we're putting out corn behind our house for them LOLOL But, as I have figured out, nobody really adopts a deer LOLOL There are 2 mommas with 2 babies each! It is the highlight of my day to sit out on the back porch, drink my first cup of coffee, and watch those mommas and their babies! It is the COOLEST thing!!!!

I won't clog up your computers or your phones with the LOOOOOOONG videos I've taken of them, but I am gonna share a picture of the youngest momma!

Okay, so I really did make this blog post and send you this email for more than just showing you one of my deer LOL I wanted to stop by and let you know a little bit about what's new, what's coming, and the AWESOMENESS some my buddies have going on, too!

First of all, I am SURE you know this, but I HAVE to say it again - KISSING CLAWS IS LIVE!

Yep! I know I have been driving you BONKERS, but I can't help it! I AM SO EXCITED!!

Have you read it? What did you think of it? Did you know it's just 99¢ and part of the KindleUnlimited Library? Yes! It is! See?

Part of the KindleUnlimited Library

Time to buckle up my sweet little buttercups, Fate is gunnin' for my happily ever after, and that just won't do. With a mighty swish of my wings and a twinkle in my eye, I'm gonna lay the Fairy Dust on as thick as I can and kick a certain Omnipotent Being’s bootay like I'm gettin' paid.

Over the sand dunes and through the waves, to free my true love we go! My name's Frannie the Fae and I'm gonna save the day!

Okay, okay, I'll give it a rest LOLOLOL

How about I tell you what's coming up? Yeah? I thought you might like that!


I know! Book 4 in the Maidens of Mayhem series is coming so soon! Can you guess what king of Shifters are in this one? Wait! I should've asked, have you read the first 3? Are you ready for the next round of madcap mayhem and chaotic craziness?

If you're not caught up - grab them all and GET YOUR GIGGLE ON!

Psst - there's a new cover coming for That Hound Don't Hunt! I can't wait to show you! Just gotta get Robyn's approval first 😉

In the meantime - check out the whole series

Okay, okay, I can't help myself! I have started writing THAT REX GOTTA ROAR and I HAVE to tease you just a little bit. I mean, COME ON, I wouldn't be me if I didn't, right? heeheeheee So, here it is a teeny tiny little tease JUST FOR Y'ALL!

COMING November 5th - DRAGON FALLING! Part of the Crimson Moon Hideaway!

Yep! You guessed it! One of our Dragons is going on vacation an MY LORDY is it gonna be ANYTHING but relaxing!

Look for upcoming Sneak Peeks!

This story is turning out to be HOT! HOT! HOT!

And, Coming December 15th - part of Eve Langlais' FUCN'A Wolrd (Think Police Academy for shifters LOL)

I have my title - The Tree Frog and Her Honey Badger!

I promise MORE is coming.

Now, do not freak out! These are NOT the only books releasing between now and the end of the year. OH, NO WAY! These are JUST the ones I have the dates for!

There are Christmas stories, a Dragon Box Set with 9 other authors, SUPRISE DRAGONS COMING, and maybe even a King or two! See? I gotcha covered! LOL

OH! But wait! Have you read this new story from the PHENOMENAL CD GORRI?

It is part of Milly Taiden's FPU World and it is SOOOOO GOOD!

You have to read it! It's on Amazon and part of the KindleUnlimited Library!

Just the description made me rush on over and grab this book!

She’s never been an object of lust, but can this nerdy, curvy girl tempt her smoking hot protector into doing more than just his job?

Larimar Wessex is bored. Dead bored. Like seriously.

With his brother newly mated, and his father on the mend, there is nothing for him to do but wait for his next assignment. Of course, he should’ve been more careful with what he wished for.

Recently returned from an archeological dig in Giza, Kimberley Scott is the first one blamed when the priceless artifacts she brought back go missing.

When she is attacked during routine questioning by an FPU agent, he makes the decision to call in some backup.

Larimar Wessex knows upon seeing her photograph that Kim is his fated mate, and she needs help. But the theft is just the tip of the iceberg. There is a deeper, more sinister plot afoot, and Kim finds herself at the mercy of a man who is prepared to do the unimaginable to get what he wants.

Will he be able to save his tempting mate before time runs out?


From the FANTASTIC Amanda Kimberley!

Levi Reis inherited more than he bargained for when Layla Gallo, showed up on his doorstep. His great uncle left him the castle, the kingdom, and the ability to shift into a lion at will.

With the help of his fated mate, Layla, will he be able to summon his pride from within to free her from the clutches of Abel? And can he kill the rival lion shifter in time to protect what is his?

Okay, that's it for today!

I'm gonna try a new Keto Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe tonight! I'll let you know how it turns out the next time we talk!

Take Care.

Be Safe.

And, ALWAYS Dare to Dream!

XOXO, Julia

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