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Have I got Some News for You!

Hey Y'all! TGIF!!!!!!

I usually work all weekend but there is just something about knowing it's Friday that puts me in a good mood. I hear that old Loverboy song - Working for the Weekend in my head. LOL YES! I am over 50 and I LOVE 80's and 90's rock!! Hell, I listen to just about anything BUT TECHNO! Just can't get into that!!

Anywhooooo! I am writing today to answer a couple of questions. I think I've answered them all individually BUT I also know that my email doesn't always show me all my messages! So, here goes. Inquiring minds - HERE are the answers.

First of all, the Dragon Guard is not ending. Kayne's book - Imagine Dragon is NOT the last in the series. Promise. There are more of those domineering Alpha Dragons and their strong, sassy mates who need their stories to be told and I plan to bring them to you.

Secondly, the Dragon Guard Berserkers is a crossover series. There will be TONS of interaction between the Dragon Guard and the Berserkers. The only reason I'm splitting them into their own series is because...well, they don't play well with others LOL As DGB progresses you will see that when they received their 'gifts' from a certain tricky goddess, these Dragons need LOTS of space. They are a breed all their own, with fiery tempers and even fierier Dragon Kings with whom they share their souls. Once they meet their fated mated, their jealousy is explosive until she wears their mark. They are as different from the Dragon Guard as they are alike. They even have a completely different way of officially mating and marking their mates. I promise LOADS of SURPRISES along the way! Some I'm sure you can guess and many more that surprised even me when I was developing these crazy Berserkers! I CANNOT WAIT for you to read them and to hear what you think of my DRAGONS WITH ATTITUDE!

Lastly, and certainly not the lest, here is my release schedule for the next 3 months.

3/13/18 ~ BANNING ~ Dragon Guard Berserker #1

3/27/18 ~ ASHER ~ Dragon Guard Berserker #2

4/10/18 ~ Aww Snap, Dragon ~ Dragon Guard #31 ~ Tristan's story (He's the Copper Dragon from my Guardians of the Zodiac series

4/24/18 ~ Imagine Dragon ~ Dragon Guard #32 ~ KAYNE'S STORY!

5/3/18 ~ Later Gator ~ Southern Fried Sass #1

5/18/18 ~ King Outta Water ~ Dragon Guard #33 ~ Drákon's story (He's the dual-natured Dragon from my Guardians of the Zodiac series.)

5/22/18 ~ Stoking the Flames II ~ My Story ZAIRE ~ Dragon Guard Berserker #3, will be part of this SPECTACULAR SET!

I'll have more release news for you as I confirm the dates! Titles on the horizon are BAIN ~ Kings of the Blood #4, PHRYNE'S FIGHT ~ Ladies of the Sky #2, and soooo many more!!

THANK YOU SO MUCH for reading my books! I LOVE to hear for you! Holler at me anytime!

Have a SUPER weekend! Take Care! Be Safe! Read Lots & Dare to Dream!

XOXO Julia

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