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Who wants to read a NEW DRAGON GUARD STORY & HELP the American Cancer Society?

I knew it was you!!!!

Hop on over and preorder YOUR copy of the


It features Andi Lawrencovna, Darlene Kuncytes Author, Crystal L Gauthier, Marj Ivancic,

Linda Boulanger and

ME with my story


A cup of Love, a teaspoon of Hope, and a pinch of Destiny makes every recipe perfect, however, broadcasting her True Love Spell all over the world has made Kalliope the sweetest treat in the bake shop.

With more dates than she knows what to do with, and a Priestess who’s ready to confiscate her wand, this Happy Homemakin’ Witch is scrambling to curb her suitors’ appetites just as her One and Only, in the form of a grumblin’, growlin’ dragon, shows up ready to beat the poof right out of her egg whites.

It’s gonna take more than icing and sprinkles to fix this mix of a disaster, but Kallie’s never given up, and she doesn’t plan to now. With her trusty whisk and her Granny’s recipe, this sassy little Witch is about to whip up a special batch of cupcake kisses sure to sweeten her Dragon’s disposition.

Fate will not be denied…but it may have to do the dishes.


Have a SUPER day!

Be Safe. Read Lots. Dare to Dream! XOXO Julia

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