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Hurry! Grab 'em now! The sale is almost over!


How y'all doin'?

Just stopping by real quick to let you know that today, Monday, 11/20/17 is the last day to get your copy of CAUGHT for FREE!!

She trusted him with her future. How could she have known it was her heart she had to protect… I know stealing is wrong but those poor, forgotten children needed my help. I had no other choice. For a few short weeks, I made a real difference. But my luck ran out. In the blink of an eye, I went from an angel of mercy to a mouse caught in a trap. Now, I have a choice to make…give up everything I’ve ever known or trust a vampire to make it all go away. He says he can give me back my life, my career…everything I’ve worked so hard to achieve. But there’s a price… In a world where blood is a commodity and sex is the prize, this cold, aloof vampire is my only way out…or is he? The Vampire Blood Courtesans. It's not supposed to be about love...until it is.



AND... Today is also the LAST DAY to get DRAGON DOWN, Dragon Guard #22 for 99¢!

Originally published as part of the Bestselling Fire Kissed Anthology. Now, this story has been rewritten and extended, including 15,000 additional words. Book 22 in the Dragon Guard series. The books can be read as stand-alone stories, or you can experience all the love, thrills and exploits of the whole series. It's up to you. Revenge is a dish best served cold… Cold was not Kamdyn’s style. Never had been. Never would be. She was the daughter of Evan McGregor, heiress to the power and magic of a hundred centuries of unstoppable witches and no one, not even a cold-hearted, thieving murderer was going to take it from her. She would get back what was hers, defeat the traitor who’d dare to take her family from her, watch him burn then leave his ashes for the Elements. Revenge may be cold, but vengeance burns white-hot. If it hadn’t been for that blasted dragon… Be careful what you wish for… Wishes and dreams were for other people. Callum had learned at a young age to make the most of the hand he’d been dealt. Life was tough, but he was tougher. As the son of one of the most revered Guardsmen of all times, he would take what he wanted and make no apologies. Go down with your sword in your hand and no regrets in your heart was the O’Shea family motto but this dragon had no intentions of going down and regrets… well, they just weren’t his style. Come to think of it, neither was being careful. If it hadn’t been for that infernal witch… Secrets revealed, rising passions and an enemy they never saw coming force this couple to accept their Destiny and fight side-by-side to save all they hold dear. Will it be enough? Will they be in time? Will this be the one time that Fate will be denied? This dragon may be down, but he’s definitely not out… or is he?


Only 1 MORE WEEK until the release of DRAGON IN THE MIST!

Be sure to preorder your copy while it is still 99¢

Out of the Darkness... Into a World Long Forgotten... This Guardsman Emerges with a Hunger for Vengeance and a Thirst for Justice... DRAGON IN THE MIST - volume 26 in the Dragon Guard Saga One small voice in the dark… One tortured plea for help… Two hearts beating as one… Two lives hanging in the balance… Three seconds to decide between life and death… Three simple words that changed everything… “Please help me,” she cried. Now, it’s out of the mist and into the fire.


Hop on over and ENTER TO WIN!


That's all for me!

Have a SUPER week!

Take Care!

Read Lots!

Dare to Dream and Gobble til you Wobble!!!

XOXO Julia


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