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Chapter One

“Come on, Pip. We really need ya’ on this one.” “No, Shep. I just can’t, not after…” Pippa shook her head and took a deep breath, trying to fend off the demons of her last case, the one that nearly cost her the little bit of sanity she had left. “But…” “But nothing!” She screamed, spinning around so quickly the room was but a blur. Closing the distance between them in three steps, she snarled through gritted teeth, “Stop!” Punctuating every word with a poke to Shep’s chest, she went on, “I. Can’t. Do. It.” Adding another, stronger poke to the hard-muscled chest of the six-foot-two, gray-at-the-temples, fifty-something Head Sheriff for Mule Pass County, Texas, Pippa stood tall and hissed, “Better yet, I won’t do it.” Stepping back, he pleaded, at least Shep’s version of pleading, which included messing with the brim of his county-issued, beige Stetson and resting his hand on his thick, dark-brown leather gun belt while he looked at her with hound dog eyes. “But you’re the best damn PI I’ve ever seen. That’s the reason I got the Commissioner to hire you on as my Consulting Detective.” He raised his hand, waving a manila folder in her face. “This woman’s been gone almost a month, and the Feds just now came to me for help.” Staring into Shep’s, more properly known as Sheriff Shepherd Bartholin’s, dark green eyes, Pippa refused to budge. It was a Mexican Standoff between two stubborn-as-hell people, and she was sure as shootin’ gonna win. Several long seconds later, certain her point was made, Pippa walked back to the table, turned to her open duffel bag, and continued stuffing it with enough clothes for at least a month. Listening to the heels of Shep’s scuffed, brown cowboy boots striking her wooden floors as he paced the length of her living room, Pippa took long, deep cleansing breaths, trying to control her temper. It wasn’t that she didn’t love the old coot. God knew he was the closest thing to a father she’d ever had, even if he had picked her up from shoplifting when she was thirteen. It was the fact that they’d just laid Jason to rest. She needed a break, needed to escape, needed to be anywhere but where she was, thinking about what and who she’d lost. Smiling, despite her frustration, images of the day Shep, a rookie at the time, had grabbed the collar of her ratty, old, navy-blue windbreaker and dragged her kicking and screaming back into Woolworth’s filled her mind. The heavenly scent of ice cream sundaes and chocolate malts from the old-fashioned soda counter filled her senses just as it had twelve years ago. Closing her eyes, Pippa could hear the man who had become her mentor grumble a whisper as he scolded, “You know better, Pippa Marie. Sister Mary Margaret is gonna be very upset with you.” “I don’t care,” the smart-mouthed teenager spat, hiding her fear with a great big dose of attitude. Truth was, she did care, and worse than that felt really bad for what she’d done. Hated the fact that she’d let the nun down…again. Pulling on her jacket so hard that she stumbled and fell back against his stomach, the large silver buckle of his belt digging into the small of her back, Shep warned, “You better watch that back-talkin’, little missy.” Unable to sass back before the cop marched her straight into Mr. Wiggins’ office, Pippa rolled her eyes and refused to look at the department store manager as Shep ordered, “Sit down and keep your mouth shut.” Turning her head and opening her mouth, ready to fire the witty retort dancing on the tip of her tongue, the tall, thin, red-headed teen with freckles covering her nose and cheeks, snapped her lips shut as the deputy leaned down, looked her right in the eye and growled, “I said, sit down and be quiet.” Seeing the cop had reached the end of his rope, Pippa did as she was told, wondering if this was the time she’d finally find out what juvie was all about. Pushing the limits and testing her boundaries – rushes of adrenalin - had been the only way to escape the visions haunting her every thought for as long as she could remember. No matter what she touched, where she was or who she talked to, pictures of their past, their emotions, even their