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IMPORTANT NEWS for my 'Not in the US' Readers

If you live outside the US: KW books are only available from the Amazon US store at the moment, but hopefully in the future Amazon will figure out how to offer them Internationally.

In the meantime, THIS is how you can download the books on your Kindle account: If you are outside the US, you CAN get a copy of this book. Here's how:

  • Log into your Amazon UK, CA, or AU account.

  • Add a United States address to your list of one-click addresses. You could try a hotel address or other business address you find online. The program is only concerned with confirming it is a legit address, not your address.

  • Go to Manage Your Content & Devices, and under Country settings, change your location to US. Amazon will ask you to select an address. Select the US address you added to your one-click addresses.

  • Now you can click on the Amazon US link, buy the book, and it will download onto your designated device.

  • Once the book is downloaded, go back through the process changing everything back to your home country.

**NOTE** if you live in the UK: If the above doesn't work…try this!!

  • Sign into your UK Amazon account and go to “manage devices” and “content” then “settings.” Scroll down to country settings.

  • Where it says “Click here to learn about other Amazon sites you are eligible to shop on based on your county of residence.” Click the blue word HERE in that sentence. It will say what Amazon store you can shop at.

  • Then click on learn about (again, it’s in blue font)

  • Then click the yellow bar near the bottom that says “Transfer your kindle account to US Amazon.” It will transfer your account over to the US site and you can buy as normal.

  • To change it back, just do the reverse of the instructions so change from US Amazon back to the UK. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! HAPPY READING!! XOXO Julia

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