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WELCOME to the Crazy, Mixed World of Julia Mills & the Snarkology Halloween Hop!

Thank you for following the Snarkology Halloween Hop from Oct. 26th thru 31st for the opportunity to discover fun, great books, and awesome prizes!

Please bookmark the hop landing page so you’re able to return at your leisure to trick or treating the seventy-plus participating sites.

Hop Landing Page:

After you learn about my favorite Halloween Treat - Candy Corn and my new story, TEARS FOR HER DRAGON be sure to check out the giveaway at the bottom of the page and enter the Hop Wide Giveaway Rafflecopter!

Did you know that candy companies will produce nearly 35 million pounds of the corny candy this year. That's about 9 billion individual kernels of corn.

Candy corn has been around for more than a century. George Renninger of the Wunderlee Candy Company invented it in the 1880s. It was originally very popular among farmers and its look was revolutionary for the candy industry. The Goelitz Candy Company started making candy corn in 1900 and still makes it today, although the name has changed to the Jelly Belly Candy Company.

Today they even make candy corn in Easter colors but the good old fashioned Halloween colors will always be my favorite.

Tears for Her Dragon - Dragon Guard #16 released on Oct. 25th as part of the Shifters Hallows Eve boxed set.

It’s 12 of Amazing Shifter Tales and all of just 99¢ but only for a limited time!


Escaped from hell on earth, lost and alone, a wail in the night calls to not only his beast but also his heart. Finding this tortured woman is all that matters.

On the run, hiding in plain sight, the icy fingers of doom invade her soul. The pull of the world she fled tears at the fiber of her being.

Lovers from different worlds, fighting a common enemy, thrown together by the Reaper himself, helpless but to do as he bids.

Can these two souls find peace when the Devil himself is demanding his due?


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