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A Letter from Sydney!

Hey! Sydney here! Miss Julia let me have a few minutes to talk to you guys. I just thought I would give you a little update…

First of all, it has been a blast meeting you! I hope you stay around for more of the Dragon Guard stories. I have it on good authority I’m gonna be around for a long time. Not in the way y’all thought, but I’ll never be far. And hey, it wouldn’t be a story without me, right? Hahahahaha

So, by now you know I’m like some super special mystical being. How crazy it that? I’m really just a kid that knows stuff and wants her family…all of her family…safe. Some crazy old book says I can help make that happen, so that’s what I’m gonna do, no matter what Mom and Dad say. Ms. Siobhan and Ms. Shavon say it’s my Destiny, which I guess makes sense, but I would still like to know how the old dragon guys knew I was coming. It’s pretty cool, but really creepy.

Andrew is trying really hard to win back the trust of the Guard and the Clan. With Emma by his side, I know he has a real chance. I keep telling them all he’s really trying. I mean, there’s still darkness within him, how could there not be? And seriously, what one of us doesn’t have some little nasties running around inside our brains? They just need to remember he’s trying and that is what matters. All I know is my people better get over it soon. The bad guys are out there and those meanies have their sights set on the Dragons. This Prophecy stuff is no joke. It’s gonna take all of us working together to help Rian, Rory, and their guys keep the world in one piece. I wish I knew for sure who was coming. All that any of us know for sure is that they are SUPER bad and wanna destroy everything good, especially Dragon Kin. I’m more than a little scared. Thank the Universe they have Kyra and Calysta. They are really strong and powerful! Now, they just have to find Calysta.

Okay, enough about that. I’m sure you’ve figured out Miss Julia is gonna tell y’all the story of the Blue Thunder Clan and their mates. The guys finding their mates is my favorite part! Girl Power and all that…heeheehee. There’s aren’t enough of us around and I keep hoping for more babies. I love babies. OH! Before I forget, Mom and Dad have a BIG surprise. I’m dying to tell y’all what it is, but I made a pinkie promise to keep it a secret, so you’ll have to stay tuned!

Well, Mom is calling. Kyndel taught her to make my favorite peanut butter cookies. YUM! I love these little trips home. I get to be just ‘Sydney’, see my family, and have all the good food that they don’t have in the ‘Great Beyond’. Also, there are no stuffy, ancient dragons telling me what to do…BIG BONUS!! heeheeehee

Don't forget to grab Jace's story - Her Dragon's Heart - in the Romancing the Paranormal anthology. You can pre-order it now and it releases May 19th!!

Talk to you soon.

Love you guys,


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