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Hold on to your scales...the Demi-God is on his way!


You read that right -


KAYNE'S STORY is coming 4/27/18!

PreOrder Yours Here:

All the planning in the world can’t beat dumb luck.

Even if your dad just happens to be Lugh, the Celtic God of the Sun, and you’re one of the most powerful Guardsmen to ever walk the earth. No matter how hard he tries, Destiny always seems to drop a steamy pile of Dragon crap right in his path...leaving him to clean up the mess and clean up the mess. But then he found her. Ancient, mysterious, and completely irresistible…She flew into his life, poured light into his soul, and dropped the old jokester to his knees with little more than a wide-eyed glance and a flick of her tail feathers. Evil never takes a holiday…especially where finding your Mate is concerned. Faced with a powerfully destructive force manufactured by madmen and sent out to destroy all things - be they Magical or Human - it’s up to the Demi-God and his Strix to exterminate not only the menace but also its Maker. Save your Mate or save your kin? That’s what this Guardsman must decide. Fate Will Not Be Denied…But even She has her limits.



I finally have the website updated with NEW COVERS and NEW RELEASE DATES!


Southern Fried Sass More Updates and New Covers Coming Soon!


Take Care! Be Safe! Read Lots & Dare to Dream!

XOXO Julia

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