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The Dragon Guard has battled the worst of the worst and saved Dragonkin and humankind from inevitable demise while keeping their Mates out of harm's way for ten years. What better way to celebrate their anniversary than with the first ten stories all in one place?


Each tale is unique and beautiful and lives up to the overriding sentiment of this amazing Winged Warriors - 'Fate Will Not Be Denied.' Step into the fantastic world of the Dragon Guard. It will renew your faith in the good guys and give you all the feel-goods - after some thrills, chills, and close calls. They are Dragons, after all.
Grab this Limited Time Anniversary Publication, put your feet up, and fly off into the land of the Dragon Guard. You will never look at LOVE or FATE the same way again.

Available on Amazon, Nook, iBooks, Googleplay, Smashwords, and More!
Get yours today before it's gone FOREVER! 

It's ALWAYS a Good Time to Listen to the Dragons!

Unwrapping Her Dragon_.png
Hold on tight and believe with all your heart. After all, every day 'tis the season for hope, love, and miracles.

If Fate has anything to say about it, that sweet Baker Bear will be unwrapping her Dragon sooner rather than later.

That Wyvern my promo 1.png

Great job? She's got that covered.

Sexy Mate? That's well on the way.

A best friend who allows her to be exactly who she especially when it's not politically correct? Oh, heck, yeah, she's got that in spades... ahem, feathers!


Betsey Sue Blomfield was well on her way to having it all - then bodies literally started falling out of the sky.

Talk about a whacked-out day at the office!

It's time to head back to the Swamp, have Friday Night Margaritas, and Party Like A Flock. Tallulu Parish has its first serial killer, and nobody knows when he'll strike next.

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All the planning in the world can't beat dumb luck.
Or a missing Mate….
Or an ancient curse….


Being the youngest of the MacAllen Clan, Heath thought he had everything figured out. After all, wasn't he the one who had the Gift of Sight and could read everybody's mind without even thinking about it?

Then Fate and the Universe kicked him right in the butt, and everything changed. He walked into Sam's Diner, looked into the eyes of a woman he'd known his whole life – and bam! He knew she was his One True Fated Mate, the one the Universe made for him.

Never one to jump into anything, Heath did what he always did – he dragged his heels and waited for the perfect time to get down on one knee…

But as his momma always says, 'A Dragon often meets his destiny on the road he took to avoid it.'

Now, Maggie's gone. A Curse he didn't even know existed was activated when Arawn, the Celtic god of Death, and none other than the Omnipotent Being known as Fate – that god's Mate, stepped onto the steaming sands of the Chihuahuan Desert. And now, well, Heath is up Shi*t Creek without a paddle.

Can he send a foe darn near as old as the Dragon King with whom he shares his soul back to Helheim? Can he save Maggie before she's driven mad? Can he kick Dumb Luck's a$$ and make the idiot pay for ruining his plans for an unforgettable proposal to his Mate?

Nobody's got the answers, not even the Guardsman with the Gift of Sight. But two things are true:
Fate will not be Denied, and Heath plans to show the forces of evil who's her Dragon and would give up his own life to save hers.

Have you read this one?

She’s Fate. He’s a god.
What was the Universe thinking?

Take the Omnipotent Being responsible for the beginning, middle, end, and everything in between of the existence of every living being on the blue and green ball we all call home.

Add the man, the king, the Celtic god of Annwn and Welsh god of Death no less, with the cutest butt and most amazing eyes she's ever seen, who was created just for her by all her relatives - The Powers That Be.

Mix in a lovesick Primordial god who refuses to take no for an answer and possesses the wherewithal to do pretty much anything he wants, and you've got a story with thrills, chills, laughs, and a whole lotta love.
The only question is – Is this the one where Fate will actually be denied?

Nobody knows for sure. So, buckle up, Buttercups. It's gonna be one heck of an interdimensional bumpy ride you're just gonna love.


Return to the Clan.png

We're going back to Kyndel and Rayne, Grace and Aiden, and Sam and Lance!
We're going back to the Golden Fire Clan!
We're going to the ones who started it all with brand new stories!

More thrills! More chills! More Fated love!



COMING in 2023!
(As long as my fingers keep tapping these keys! LOL)

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No such thing as dragons FINAL 7.20.23.png
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Amazon Everywhere

These Guardsmen ride the line between life and death every day, but this time it's the Fate of Mankind at stake.
They're Dragons. They're Doctors.
They're Our Only Hope.

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Welcome to the amazing world of the Dragon Guard! A group of extraordinary men who carry on the honorable tradition of protecting their kin from the forces of old that seek to drive them into extinction. Bestowed with the heart and soul of the long forgotten dragon warrior race and the integrity of those that came before them, these Guardsmen tirelessly work with a single-minded determination to rid the world of an evil so deadly it threatens all they hold dear.


There are no coincidences…


In Her infinite wisdom the Universe has created a mate for each of Her fierce Dragon Guardsmen. A woman that will complete the warrior as no other can. She will bring light to his soul, love to his life and hope to his very long future. The arduously long wait for the woman that will fill their world with all that is good and right is nothing compared to the eternity of love these two will share. Their holy book says, ‘when the two halves of the same whole meet, there will be instant recognition. Their souls will merge, and only then will the man and dragon know complete peace, they will have found their true home. It will be as if the time before they met their mate does not exist. All that will matter will be that they become one in body, mind, and soul with the One the Universe made for them.’


The Universe does not make mistakes…


The strong and sassy women created to compliment the men of the Elite Dragon Guard are no shrinking violets. Each possess a warrior spirit, a heart of gold and characteristics that unbeknownst to them prepare them for eternity with their one true mate. The dragon elders say, ‘From the human race, women with great power will be born. Not the power to maim or destroy but the power to love, to heal, to uplift, and to rebuild. The beautiful ones will be created as the perfect complement for the men who take up our spirits. One woman destined for one man, to live on Earth and in the Heavens joined for all times. When the time is right, they shall discover one another. The two will become one, and the woman will provide the man and the beast with love, light and hope. Together they shall provide heirs that will allow our great race to continue for all eternity.’


Fate will not be denied…


Together these two souls will form a bond unlike any other, battle foes old and new and forge a new world where love is forever! Nothing worthwhile is ever easy and this amazing group of heroes and their mates fight with every fiber of their beings to get their happily ever after. Enter the world of the Dragon Guard and be forever changed…


      Praise for The Dragon Guard Series...


5++ Stars
"A fast paced story. Full of amazing twists that you will never predict coming. This one will have you at the edge of your seat! Laugh, love, and cry with these amazing couples, as the story unfolds and pulls you deeper into the Dragon Guard world. If you haven't read this series yet, I highly recommend you get started right away."

                                                                                     -All Things Book -Review


"There are no coincidences. The Universe does not make mistakes. Fate will not be denied" These words are so true for this story! So the Dragon Guard saga continues. This book engages so many different emotions, had me crying and it just pulls at your heartstrings. You know it's a great book when the author can accomplish all your emotions as this story does!!!

                                                                                      -Betty Olsen


"I don’t even know where to begin with this book. Many have Andrew the traitor through out this entire series but I myself have seen more. I didn’t know what till now.
Wow what a bunch of shockers the author has given us and surprises to go with them. I didn’t know if I wanted to cry, scream or laugh. Andrew knows he has a mate and who she is. The issue now is she is feeling every ounce of his pain. He wants to release her from him but a bunch of things begin to happen. The gods themselves intervene. Emma will fight to the death for her mate. He may be a traitor but in her eyes he is her mate. Will the other guards stand aside?
Someone is lost to the guards and hearts will mourn. I have read every single book in this series and I have to say. THIS one is THE BOMB DIGGITY of them all. I freaking loved it."

                                                                                          -Book Nook Nuts, Tammy


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