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The Dragon Protection Agency and Federal Paranormal Units are back together, and things are hotter than ever!
Big, Bald, and bad to the bone, he leaves 'em all in the dust!

Tattooed, dark-eyed, and 7'2" this Dragon makes Hell's Angels look like soccer moms at the spa and turns the bad guys to ash!!!

Back the hell off or pay the price. At least that was the plan...

Then a severed head was delivered to a certain fiery blonde, now, all bets are off.

Fate's working overtime to keep this couple safe, but it's gonna take one helluva SAVAGE to save the day!



I swear, the next time somebody leaves me a house… I'm not moving in, I'm just droppin' it on one of my relatives.

See ya' in Asscrack. Anything's better than this crap.


Some days you're the pin. Some days you're the voodoo doll…

And some days there's not enough coffee or chocolate in the whole wide world to deal with the shenanigans that fall from the sky like bird poop on a freshly washed car.

Goddess, send help, I feel like a pincushion.

That Hound Don't Hunt: 

My name's Maxine Monroe. We are the Maidens of Mayhem. Bodies buried with twenty-four-hour notice and a picture ID. Alibis provided upon request.

For our 'extended stay' clients ~ padded rooms on the third floor and straight-jackets kept in the closet on the right.

We're open 24/7/365. Call 1-888-MAIDENS for your free consultation.

Chestnuts roasting on an open fire, bells jingling in the meadow, and snow falling in the desert…


Yep! That’s right. Snow is falling in the desert. The cacti have icicles, the bobcats are frostbitten, and the coyotes have started a bonfire. If the temperatures don’t start rising soon, the deer are threatening to get more than a little horny.

One kiss, that was all. Now, what was supposed to be merry holidays and happy new year has turned into a broken nose, a missing Mate, and snow drifts instead of tumbleweeds blowing in the breeze.

Ho! Ho! Ho! What a Dragon to do?

Grab an extra special mug of hot chocolate, put your feet up and get ready for a romance for all seasons. The holidays may be over, but Dragons love forever. After all, Fate Won’t Be Denied, and neither should you.

Coming Summer 2020

Little green men, pots of gold, and four-leaf clovers, St. Paddy's Day should come with a crash helmet.
Leave it to Lucy O'Lochlan, Fairy of Fortune extraordinaire to zig when she shoulda zagged, swerve when she hit the curve, and forget the tuck in her roll when faced with the most handsome Leprechaun this side of the bonnie hills of Ireland. Whoever said the rainbow-chasing, chartreuse gnomes of all things lucky were two-and-a- half-feet tall with hooked noses and bad breath never met Patrick O'Shaunahey.
Six-foot-six of mouthwatering muscles with emerald eyes that set her thighs on fire, he was just what the goddess ordered with a side of fries. Everything was coming up shamrocks and sappy folk songs until the sweet-talkin' god of all things happy-go-lucky and his drunker-than-a-hundred-skunks frat brothers decided to raid the Easter Bunny's henhouse. Stealing the feathered freak that laid the golden eggs might have been funny when they were in college, but those days are gone...long, long gone. Talk about kissing the blarney stone, that boy puckered up and laid a big, fat, wet one on the whole damned countryside.

With only twenty-four hours until everybody's-sloshed-o-clock, Lucy's gonna need more than a four-leaf clover, this Fairy's gonna need one helluva miracle. Time to bail the man of her dreams outta the magical hoosegow, find a hundred kegs of green beer, and return a seriously deranged chicken to a pissed off rabbit before St. Paddy's day starts without a toast from its grand and not-so-glorious leader.  

Cue the Banshee and warm-up the bagpipe, shit's about to get crazy and damn it to the Emerald Isle everybody's still sober.

Welcome to the amazing world of the Dragon Guard! A group of extraordinary men who carry on the honorable tradition of protecting their kin from the forces of old that seek to drive them into extinction. Bestowed with the heart and soul of the long forgotten dragon warrior race and the integrity of those that came before them, these Guardsmen tirelessly work with a single-minded determination to rid the world of an evil so deadly it threatens all they hold dear.


There are no coincidences…


In Her infinite wisdom the Universe has created a mate for each of Her fierce Dragon Guardsmen. A woman that will complete the warrior as no other can. She will bring light to his soul, love to his life and hope to his very long future. The arduously long wait for the woman that will fill their world with all that is good and right is nothing compared to the eternity of love these two will share. Their holy book says, ‘when the two halves of the same whole meet, there will be instant recognition. Their souls will merge, and only then will the man and dragon know complete peace, they will have found their true home. It will be as if the time before they met their mate does not exist. All that will matter will be that they become one in body, mind, and soul with the One the Universe made for them.’


The Universe does not make mistakes…


The strong and sassy women created to compliment the men of the Elite Dragon Guard are no shrinking violets. Each possess a warrior spirit, a heart of gold and characteristics that unbeknownst to them prepare them for eternity with their one true mate. The dragon elders say, ‘From the human race, women with great power will be born. Not the power to maim or destroy but the power to love, to heal, to uplift, and to rebuild. The beautiful ones will be created as the perfect complement for the men who take up our spirits. One woman destined for one man, to live on Earth and in the Heavens joined for all times. When the time is right, they shall discover one another. The two will become one, and the woman will provide the man and the beast with love, light and hope. Together they shall provide heirs that will allow our great race to continue for all eternity.’


Fate will not be denied…


Together these two souls will form a bond unlike any other, battle foes old and new and forge a new world where love is forever! Nothing worthwhile is ever easy and this amazing group of heroes and their mates fight with every fiber of their beings to get their happily ever after. Enter the world of the Dragon Guard and be forever changed…


      Praise for The Dragon Guard Series...


5++ Stars
"A fast paced story. Full of amazing twists that you will never predict coming. This one will have you at the edge of your seat! Laugh, love, and cry with these amazing couples, as the story unfolds and pulls you deeper into the Dragon Guard world. If you haven't read this series yet, I highly recommend you get started right away."

                                                                                     -All Things Book -Review


"There are no coincidences. The Universe does not make mistakes. Fate will not be denied" These words are so true for this story! So the Dragon Guard saga continues. This book engages so many different emotions, had me crying and it just pulls at your heartstrings. You know it's a great book when the author can accomplish all your emotions as this story does!!!

                                                                                      -Betty Olsen


"I don’t even know where to begin with this book. Many have Andrew the traitor through out this entire series but I myself have seen more. I didn’t know what till now.
Wow what a bunch of shockers the author has given us and surprises to go with them. I didn’t know if I wanted to cry, scream or laugh. Andrew knows he has a mate and who she is. The issue now is she is feeling every ounce of his pain. He wants to release her from him but a bunch of things begin to happen. The gods themselves intervene. Emma will fight to the death for her mate. He may be a traitor but in her eyes he is her mate. Will the other guards stand aside?
Someone is lost to the guards and hearts will mourn. I have read every single book in this series and I have to say. THIS one is THE BOMB DIGGITY of them all. I freaking loved it."

                                                                                          -Book Nook Nuts, Tammy

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